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  • So ... What is Olaplex?

    Olaplex is a single active ingredient invented by Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. Olaplex is their first venture into the beauty industry, and as such, provided them with unbiased eyes on how to properly treat damaged or structurally unsound hair. Free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, Olaplex has never been tested on animals. Olaplex’s secret is that is recrafts broken bonds in hair, which deteriorate when exposed to thermal, chemical and mechanical services.

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  • Goldwell Topchic Hair Color

    There are numerous brands for hair color, but some are provide better color than others, and Godwell Topchic Hair Color is one such brand. Colorists want to provide clients with vibrant and rich colors that are unique and beautiful and Topchic provides intelligent color for unique beauty. Topchic’s hair color system is an iconic and truly intelligent color system that will provide such dramatic and brilliant results.

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  • Pure Brazilian Keratin Hair Care

    Dynamic Company Brings The Latest In Brazilian-Inspired Hair Care To The Home and Salon

    Sometimes all a great idea needs is a dynamic new company to become a worldwide phenomenon. Brazilian style heat activated hair smoothing treatments are that great idea; Pure Brazilian® is that innovative new company.

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  • Surface... A Healthy Hair Care

    Healthy Hair Care With A Social Conscience, For Home And Salon

    Surface Hair founder Wayne Grund is on a mission to bring organic hair care to the world.As a third-generation hairstylist in a family of hairstylists concerned about the health effects of harmful ingredients traditionally used in many salon products, Grund consulted with organic chemists to improve hair care. In addition to offering healthy and effective cleansing, conditioning, rejuvenating and styling hair care featuring organic botanicals and sustainable ingredients, Surface hair products contain no sulfates, animal proteins or other offensive ingredients. Continue reading
  • The Legendary Label M For The Holidays

    Hairstylists and lovers of fashion in the US often look to Europe for inspiration and to catch a glimpse of the newest styles and designs. London in particular has proven to be a source of great talent in hair design. Indeed, it is from London that legendary stylists Toni & Guy hail.
    The brothers' innovative vision of legendary hairstyles resulted in the creation of an exciting line of award-winning hair care products, label m. Run by Toni, his brothers, and Toni's daughter Sasha, label m offers easy to use, comprehensive hair care for salons and home stylists .Check out label m value sets and gift sets, which along with grooming accessories make thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

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  • Reviv3 Procare: Gentle Care For Hair that’s 300% Stronger in Just 30 Days

    The frustration of thinning hair and hair loss is one of life's unpleasant realities for many of us. At we carry the internet's best selection of treatments for the challenges of thinning hair. Introducing Reviv3™ Procare hair care products, featuring products that offer a healthy and effective alternative to harsh and artificial hair loss treatments. Whatever the cause of your thinning hair -- from hair color and chemical treatments, chemotherapy, side effects of medication, everyday stress, dieting or even pregnancy. As part of a 3 part hair care system for normal and thin looking hair, Reviv3™ Procare products are guaranteed to strengthen and nourish thinning and fine hair, using natural ingredients.  One of the secrets of the Reviv3 Procare three part system is in the way the products revive and revitalize hair and scalp and strengthen hair by stripping away toxins and chemical buildup. (More on that in a minute.)

    With headquarters in Italy and Newport Beach, California, Reviv3 ™ offers products that support hair, scalp and skin health, offering a long term support system infusing natural and chemically treated hair with the nutrients it needs. Reviv3™ products are made in the U.S.A from the finest natural ingredients, and are designed for  normal to thin looking hair, and are a good choice for people with allergies and sensitivities to harsh chemicals found in other hair treatments, shampoos, and conditioners.

    Clean, Moisturize and Protect

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  • Abba Hair Care: A Commitment to Purity For Optimal Hair Health

    Abba Pure Performance Hair Care products are designed using  natural ingredients and plant-based nutrients  support the healthiest hair possible. Designed for professional and home use, Abba's exceptional products feature shampoo, conditioner, and styling products for any type of hair using only the purest ingredients from nature. Whatever your hair situation, Abba products deliver the healthiest maintainence and styling solutions available today. The technology to wash, condition and style your hair, and even repair distressed hair is available today, with Abba's pure and natural beauty products that use no synthetic  ingredients  and are produced in small batches  for superior quality control.

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  • Alterna Hair Care for a Luxury Hair Care

    The hair is believed to be a wonderful gift from nature. Almost everybody would love to their healthy and beautiful hair that serves as their crown to popularity. Even though cosmetic products are expensive, they are patronized by people for being effective. They have the right components that protect the hair against the damage from the sun and environment.

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  • Top 9 Hair Care Products

    We love your unique style and want to help you always look your best without spending a fortune. Check out this list of the Best of Beauty Products we have created for you. These best-selling items proved their effectiveness and wowed our customers with the results.

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