But I also don want my son to think that there anything wrong

cheap moncler jackets He just asked her if our 3 year old knows who God is cheap moncler jackets

Discount Moncler Coats He just asked her if our 3 year old knows who God is. My wife wasn’t sure what to say other than, “We haven’t broached that subject with him yet.” I’m honestly at a loss as to what to do. cheap moncler jackets mens My wife still believes in some sort of higher power, but is basically “fuck that noise” when it comes to the whole idea of moncler outlet online hell and sin and a God who has any kind of power to affect the real world, because he an asshole if he has the power to stop horrible things and moncler outlet sale chooses not to. I definitely in the same camp there. Discount Moncler Coats

moncler outlet kids Anyway, we haven really talked with her dad about our beliefs in a long time. moncler outlet kids

cheap moncler coats for women In between the last time and Moncler Outlet now, he has become a Deacon, and has also rejected our request for him to baptize our son because we said we weren going to raise him Catholic. (We just thought baptizing him would put her dad mind at ease concerning whether or not our son goes to hell, and also we thought it might be a nice, special thing to be baptized by your grandpa. We also thought, “Hey, if we wrong about God and the Catholics are right, then our son won go to hell. It can hurt, you know? If we right, then nothing happens. If we wrong, he goes to heaven. Win Win.) cheap moncler coats for women

moncler jackets Anyway, he rejected our request to baptize our son because we aren going to raise him Catholic, and he says that Catholic Dogma says that kids don go to hell anyway (or at least, that what purgatory is for or something). moncler jackets

moncler coats for women Anyway, he recently brought up the subject of God again, asking if our son knows who God is. moncler coats for women

discount moncler outlet Our position on the uk moncler sale subject is that if our son asks, we moncler outlet woodbury are planning on telling him that lots of people believe lots of things happen for different reasons. One of those reasons that some people moncler outlet prices believe some things happen is that there is an invisible entity they call “God” who created the cheap moncler sale universe from nothing, and who controls the universe, and that there are all different types of Gods that people believe in, and that nobody truly knows if any of them, or none of them, actually exist, and that there isn really any physical evidence yet that definitively proves that they do exist. discount moncler outlet

moncler outlet online And moncler outlet store we plan on telling our son discount moncler jackets that really the best way to find out why something happens is to use science and existing knowledge and evidence. (Not that that disproves the existence of a higher power, but just that you kind of should go with the answer that has the most evidence backing it up, instead of whatever is just tradition.) moncler outlet online

moncler jackets canada I don want to tell my father in cheap moncler jackets law to back off or to not talk about it with my son. But I also don want my son to think that there anything wrong uk moncler outlet with him (or his grandpa), either. moncler jackets canada

moncler jackets outlet online I know it offends a lot of people but the fact is religion is a mental illness. It instilled in children at an early age and once their minds moncler womens jackets are infected it almost impossible to remove that delusion. moncler jackets outlet online

moncler coats sale If your FIL was a deacon for Scientology, Heavens Gate or the Moonies I assume you have no problem telling him to keep his delusions to himself. I am an atheist, my husband is agnostic. I straight up told my father I wasn planning on raising my children religiously in any way and it something moncler outlet I will educate them about in an academic sense and let them make up their own minds about as they get older. He was taken aback, asking if I would take them to church (Christian church) at some point, as if I were cheating them if I didnt. I informed him that were I Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu he wouldn expect me to conform to something that doesn suit my beliefs, why would being an atheist demand any less respect or be any different?I had to have a hard moncler online store conversation with my Mother in law about raising our daughter without religion. moncler coats sale

moncler outlet ny My wife and I thought that if moncler usa we simply did not introduce best moncler jackets them https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com to any religion until they were old enough to ask, that it would be the best way to go. Largely, with the hopes that it would be seen as a compromise (not just her religion is being excluded, and I was not going to atheism as an option either) for when we had to broach the subject with my mother in law. It did not work. At all. moncler outlet ny

cheap moncler jackets wholesale Not only did the compromise of no religious talk(indoctrination, but we didn want to use a loaded word) not work at all, cheap moncler jackets womens it made things worse. The compromise weakened our decision, particularly with how rigorous we could defend it, as we are defending a compromised position. But it also was seen by her as a lack of commitment or confidence in our decision. And despite our confirmation that we were not changing our minds, she keeps moncler sale online picking away at it like it was a chink in a set of armor. The chink was not there, but her worrying at it only made things worse. Not only did it really frustrate and upset us, it moncler uk outlet has made the wounds stay open as she just hasn decided the conversation is done since she perceives that she just has to find a way in the chink to change our minds. cheap moncler jackets wholesale

moncler outlet store Further having a with her cheap moncler coats mens at all was also a huge negative. I lost so much respect for her, and while I am unsure how much respect she has for me personally now, I will say that it appears to be low enough I need to now watch out for her trying moncler sale to undermine our decision. moncler outlet store

moncler jackets outlet So my advice as someone who went through a similar situation recently with a 5 and 4 year old. Introduce god to the little monster, but also discuss the benefits, and disadvantages. You could go so far as explaining god, but simply say that you personally, or you and your partner do not moncler sale outlet believe in it. I am now seeing it as the religious equivalent to a mental vaccine. Second, talk to your father in law now. But phrase it as know you are religious, but we are not talk, instead of a we want to exclude our child from religions talk. Largely since no matter how you describe raising your child without ANY religion, he will only hear want to raise our child without YOUR religion And for a man who, like my mother in law, has made their religion a central pillar to their life, they can fathom an alternative moncler jackets outlet.