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7 Color Wow Products You Need to Try Now


Colored hair requires specific products to make color last but also keep it clean, healthy and vibrant. Unfortunately, many shampoos, conditioners and styling products are detrimental to colored hair because they contain ingredients that can distort color, leave behind dulling deposits or even stripping hair of its color. That’s why you need to try Color Wow. These products lock in color, keeping your hair vibrant even weeks after your salon appointment.

Check out these 7 amazing Color Wow products you need to try right away:

  1. Root Cover Up: This water-resistant powder formula seems too good to be true, but it really works! Instantly cover up your roots when they grow out between appointments. The formula is non-oily, free of waxes and dyes and stays put until you’re ready to shampoo it out. No one will ever guess your roots have grown out.
  2. One Minute Transformation Styling Cream: No time to style and blow dry? You can still have frizz-free, shiny hair with a dollop of this little miracle worker. Run a small amount through your hair with a flat brush for instantly moisturized, silky smooth hair all day.
  3. Pop & Lock Crystalline Shellac: Want the just-walked-out-of-the-salon look everyday? This product nourishes hair while also forming a shiny protective seal to the strand, helping lock in shine. Get more vibrant color everyday and extend the life of your color with this amazing spray.
  4. Color Security Shampoo: While many shampoos strip hair of color and leave behind filmy deposits, Color Wow’s groundbreaking formula actually locks in color while cleansing your hair. It’s free sulfates, silicones and other harmful agents.
  5. Color Security Conditioner: Enhance your color and moisturize hair, without worrying about any color distortion. Color Security’s non-oxidizing formula will ensure your color remains pure and vibrant, while delivering gorgeous shine and texture. Choose between the fine-to-normal hair formula and normal to thick.
  6. Brass Banned Color Perfecting Mousse: Purify your look with with this tinted formula that corrects color tone and restores richness to your color. The dark hair formula counteracts harsh orange and red tones with a teal tint, while the blonde formula counteracts brassy yellows with a lavender tint. Polymers also give hair volume and bounce.
  7. Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray: Protect hair from heat damage and speed up blow drying time with this time-saving solution. This revolutionary spray actually traps moisture inside your hair, allowing for quicker drying time and a healthier style.


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